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Glock Armorer Services
PFT now has Glock Certified Professional Armorers on staff. They are trained by Glock and authorized to service and repair all Glock Pistols. So if you are have questions about your Glock, if you’re having a particular problem with a Glock, or if you just need guidance regarding Glock maintenance,  
feel free to contact us.

Scheduled Glock Replacement Parts   
·     * * As with each type of firearms, Glock pistols do have a few "wearable parts" that may necessitate occasional maintenance, adjustment and/or replacement. These are parts that by nature will not sustain total factory specifications forever and will need to be monitored occasionally for satisfactory function.
·     * * In general, it is suggested that all Glock firearms be detail disassembled and inspected for broken or worn parts as well as cleaned thoroughly by a Certified Glock Armorer annually to ensure consistent reliability.
·     * * Springs are very important on all semi-automatic guns as they age and can affect proper operation and performance. On the Glock for example, the Recoil Spring Assembly should be replaced 2,500 rounds or damage to the frame and internal components may result.
·     * *  Magazines should be inspected often as lips can be damaged by improper cleaning and/or assembly and disassembly resulting in malfunctions and improper feeding.
·     * * Extractors should have the proper tension and the area should be relatively clean. Feeding and extraction problems can be caused by “worn” and/or damaged extractors.
·     * * The front area of the firing pin engages the firing pin safety and it is possible to detect some wear in this area; proper inspection and armorer handling techniques will minimize any potential problems in this area.

Damaged Polymer Frame                             Steel Slide
Broken locking block & locking block pin          

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